July 19, 2006

Let Freedom Ring

So much controversy over the new design for Freedom Tower in New York City (the building that replaces the twin towers). On one side is a creative designer who was brought in to design a masterpiece. On the other side is a builder and develper who look at the new building in terms of being practical & secure. I'm all for the builder.... 1st off, I think the designer is crazy. He keeps talking about making the building evoke an image of the Statue of Liberty by making the metal twist and having it's spire shoot into the sky on one side. To me, his design doesn't remotely evoke the Statue of Liberty..... just a freakin' lopsided building. The Statues sits out in the harbor.... it's green.... it's a statue. Buildings, on the other hand, are buildings..... they can be charming or interesting in their own right, but NO skyscraper in the work is ever going to look like a person.... exspecially not buy sticking a lopsided tower on the side (I can't believe this guy gets paid to be an idiot). Beauty, simplicity, and function are all relivant characteristics of building design. This particular project has some symbolism for our nation as well, but lets not get carried away. I think the new freedom tower design is great. Let's build the thing and shut up about a stupid tribute to the Statue of Liberty.... after all, how many Lady Liberties does NYC need?


Anonymous said...

right on, dude. let's get it going--nbk

underwear ninja said...

here here!

Steve said...

Whatever it is, it will be controversial. You're NEVER going to please everyone. Especially New Yorkers (nothing personal).