April 28, 2006

Can't afford to live

Over the past few days, I've taken several steps to look for affordable housing for next year..... and I'm getting REALLY frustrated.

It started earlier in the week when my apartment complex informed me that my rent was going to climb another $150 next year (this after the $110 increase from last year). I thought, "they much be out of their minds..... I'm outta here"! Then I started looking around and found that EVERYBODY is out of their minds!

I've gone to the internet and used several real estate calculators to see what kind of morgage I could afford...... basically, NONE!! I went to my credit union to see if they had any first time buyer programs or excellent rates they could point me to....... NOTHING!

So for right now, things are looking really CRAPPY for the future. If I stay a renter, I may start looking for a roommate. In the meantime, I hear that modular homes (formally known as "mobile homes") could be a nice change.... I'll look into that some more.

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Steve said...

I feel your pain. Just a couple years ago, the country enjoyed record home ownership opportunities because interest rates were dirt cheap and prices hadn't exploded yet. But now, no "normal" family can afford what's out there. I'm also discouraged... we may never be able to afford to build on LazoLand. That area is ludicrously expensive now. The home down the street at the end of Bonanza is for sale. I'm thinking "oh no... they're going to want something really high, like $600-800,000 for it" WRONG!! they're asking $1.85 Million!! Yes, we'll reap the benefit of our lot appreciating, but property taxes alone would enslave us.
Sugarberry is looking better all the time. Too bad the kids have to grow.