March 29, 2006

Next Job

So I'm finally done with Naitonal Boards....time for a little fun! Tonight I went to VANS with my friend to let loose and burn off some energy. There are all sorts of people on the catwalk with video and digital cameras... taking picutres all over the place, but sometimes I feel as if someone is watching me. Tonight someone WAS!!

As I finished my session and was taking off my skates, a dude and his wife came to talk to me. He works with Disney to provide them with skating talent for their park and events. Apparently he wants me to skate for a Thursday night promotion for the new Destination Everest ride at Animal Kingdom. I'd be in full "mountaineer" costume for 4 hours... just skating around, interacting with the guests (30 mins at a time).

The only thing that has me put off is that the guy didn't have a business card. I'm not giving him any personal information (other than my phone number) until he can give me something that has a company name on it with contact information. If it all checks out it sounds fun... we'll see what happens.


R the Great said...

Good idea to make sure he's for real. Glad to hear you're having fun again without all that 'weight on your shoulders'.

underwear ninja said...

sounds like your kinda work.